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What is it?

The lymph system is your body's waste removal system consisting of lymph fluid, Lymph vessels that transport the fluid away from the tissues, lymph nodes which filters and cleanse the lymph fluid, and lymphatic organs such as the tonsils and spleen.

There are three basic functions of the lymph system:

  1. it returns excess fluid back to the blood;
  2. Absorption of fats and fat-soluable vitamins from the digestive system;
  3. It provides defense against disease.

This very important system is crucial to the health of the body. The lymph fluid transports all the wastes like bacteria, viruses, damaged cells, cellular debris, and pathogens which get filtered by the lymph nodes and the fluid eventually moves back into the circulatory system by way of the lymph ducts. The lymph system has no pump like the heart to move it and relies solely on muscular contraction, deep breathing, and manual lymph drainage techniques.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a systematic series of light rhythmic manipulations that stimulate the lymph flow and fluid movement in the whole body. Gentle stretching of the lymph collectors of the body and face sends blocked fluid through lymph vessels for drainage into the venous system.

What does it do?

MLD gently cleanses the body of wastes and toxins and causes body fluids to flow. Used tissue fluid is moved from the various parts of the body so that new, fresh lymph can flow into the tissues. Fresh Oxygen and active substances penetrate through the tissues to nourish and regenerate the cells. It improves immunity and accelerates healing time. It balances the nervous system and relieves congestion. MLD relieves lymphodema symptoms. Manual Lymph Drainage is gently relaxing.

A poorly functioning lymph system lowers our defense, making us susceptible to infection, colds, flu and other ailments. Unfortunately, this stagnation also has a detrimental effect on our appearance. This is the deeper cause of many cosmetic flaws such as reddening, swelling, puffiness, bags under the eyes, pimples, etc. Stagnation of the lymph flow has catastrophic results for health and beauty. One must get the lymph circulation going again at all costs and this is achieved with the help of Manual Lymph Drainage. Lymph Drainage is a healthy, natural, painless and very effective method which renews the lymph, removes toxins, activates the circulation, and stimulates cell activity and regeneration of the facial tissue.

What does it feel like?

Manual Lymph Drainage techniques involve application of a very light touch applied to the skin's surface over the areas with lymph nodes on the body and face. It is performed softly, harmoniously, rhythmically, and with supple hands. This is very relaxing; many clients even fall asleep.

What are the benefits?

Manual Lymph Drainage is used for maintaining overall wellness by helping the body to cleanse, remove toxins and fend off infections. Manual lymph drainage has been successfully treating lymphodema (protei rich swelling of the limbs) for decades.

Manual lymph drainage has proven to be beneficial for conditions such as skin problems, allergies, scar tissue, and a wide range of stress related disorders. It is also helpful for fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions. It is being used pre and post plastic surgery and for skin conditions such as spider veins, rosacea, acne and more. Due to the light, rhythmic application of touch in the Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, it is especially beneficial to patients before and after cosmetic surgery.

How long? 1 hour
How much? $90
Relieves Stress, Speeds Healing and Reduces Scar Tissue, Excellent for Allergies
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