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Treasures From the Earth

I use many different types of crystals and gemstones in my healing work. Sometimes during a Reiki session, I lay different colored gemstones on the client's body at the areas of the main energy centers of the body called 'chakras'. This helps to amplify the Reiki energy, to balance the chakras and to gently remove energy blockages. At other times I may do a 'laying on of stones' which is a technique using many crystals and gemstones on and around the client's body for purpose of healing, balancing, and energizing. Many times our energy fields get disrupted and out of balance. Much of this disharmony comes from emotional and mental causes. The gemstones and crystals help to cleanse our aura or energy field of negative vibrations, release repressed traumas and emotions, and enable us to see what changes need to be made in our lives. They help us to learn the lessons in life, to forgive and let go and make conscious choices that will better serve our higher self. Above all, we can learn to truly love ourselves as we release old patterns and bring in higher levels of light into our being. By balancing our physical, mental and emotional bodies, we can tap into our own innate healing abilities.

What do these crystals and gemstones actually do?

Quantum physics has proven that everything in the universe is vibration. Many of us are familiar with the healing properties of the plant kingdom, for instance, the herbs. Nature has endowed certain properties to different plants that help us heal ourselves of different ailments, to help bring ourselves into balance. Well, just as Nature gave these unique vibrations to these plant essences, so too did she give harmonious vibrations to members of the Mineral Kingdom. Each mineral and crystal has a unique vibratory frequency that we can use to help balance our energies. There is a Universal Law of Resonance in physics that says like energies attract like particles due to their electromagnetic field, so whatever we send out in touch, word or action, is amplified and returned to us.

What is resonance?

Resonance means to 'resound' or vibrate. Sympathetic resonance is the principle that states that a vibration has the ability to reach out throughvibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body. A few examples you may be familiar with: Women working or living in the same place often get their menstrual cycles at the same time. Clocks ticking in a clock shop tend to have their pendulums swing in unison. Someone gets angry and we pick up on that anger and get angry too. When our bodies and energy fields are out of balance, we can resonate with the vibrations of the crystals and gemstones to bring our bodies back into alignment. Our natural tendency is to return to harmony. When we place them on the areas of imbalance or blocked energy, their high vibration helps to raise the vibratory frequency in that area. The primary purpose of crystals is to help restore energy balance and open energy channels so that energy flows freely. Crystals are the most perfectly organized state of matter existing in nature.

How have they been used throughout history?

Throughout the ages many cultures and religions have placed great importance and reverence upon the crystals and gemstones. They were seen as healing because they came from the earth and were infused with planetary energy. They were used as power objects, healing and meditation tools, talismans and amulets. Legend of the lost continent of Atlantis says that this ancient civilization was able to harness the power of crystals for healing, highly advanced communication and technological purposes and that Atlantis was destroyed because of misuse of this power.

Native American Legend of Crystals

Some people speculate that the great pyramids may have been built using knowledge passed down by the Atlanteans to the Egyptians using crystalline theories and patterning them after the pyramids in Atlantis. The pyramid's perfect geometric form duplicates the laws of crystal physics. It is believed that the Great Pyramid was once topped with a giant crystal to help ground the cosmic forces from the universe.

Historically there are numerous other references to gemstones and crystals. Ancient Romans and Greeks wore stones for protection, healing, and to attract virtues. The book of Exodus speaks of a breastplate fashioned with twelve precious jewels combined specifically in rows of four and worn over the heart. This was intended to endow Aaron with the power of God. We are all familiar with the association of stones and jewels with members of royalty. Stones and jewels have been embedded in the crowns, swords, thrones and other possessions of kings and queens, from King Tut to the Crown Jewels.

What's so special about crystals?

In the formation of crystalline structures, the atoms are joined together in perfect unity and harmony. At the molecular level, there is a unity of frequency vibration. This structural pattern determines the physical properties of the crystal--it's shape, hardness, optical properties, etc. The orderly way that the atoms arrange themselves is what makes these crystals whole and complete. Each atom aligns itself with the cosmic force and harmoniously joins with other atoms to create a very purified form of matter.

How are crystals and gemstones formed?

Crystals are formed in a variety of ways. Some have their origin in the magma and fiery gases of the earth's interior or in lava streams. They are formed by the solidification of the molten material as it cools and hardens. Some grow from vapors in volcanic regions. Others form in water or are grown with the help of tiny organisms in or near the surface of the earth; these are sedimentary crystals and are formed through mechanical or chemical erosion. Some are formed by existing minerals recrystallizing under great heat and pressure in the lower regions of the earth's crust. Some scientists believe that crystals can take thousands of years to grow while, others believe that under the proper conditions crystals can form in an instant.

What is their composition?

Crystals are made of silicon dioxide, which is found in our own bodies. Biology is beginning to understand that there are many substances and membranes in the human body that function as liquid crystals. When we use quartz crystals to heal the body, energy transference occurs partly because of a resonance between the crystalline structures of our body and the quartz crystal.

Quartz crystals have the ability to amplify, transmit, transmute and store energies. That's why they are used in watches, computers, electronics and laser technologies. Healers can use crystals to amplify their own healing energies and direct them into the body in a more precise, coherent fashion. Quartz is programmable and healers can also program them with thoughts and intentions for healing.

How do I choose a gemstone or crystal?

There are many ways to choose a gemstone. Some people are drawn to the beauty and color of the crystals and gemstones and some are instinctively drawn to a particular stone for it's unique vibration. You may choose one for a particular property it has. A stone may seem to "speak to you." and attract you to pick it up.

How could I use it?

There are many ways to use these natural treasures of the earth. You may hold a small piece in your hand, keep one in your pocket, or sleep with one under your pillow. Place a stone on a body part that needs healing. You may wear them as jewelry or use one on a key chain. You may like to keep one on a desk, coffee table, nightstand, or kitchen table, anywhere where you can enjoy the benefits of their vibrations.

Stones may be used to enhance your meditations. They can be used to expand our consciousness and achieve a state of heightened awareness. They can assist with self-improvement--for instance, you could program a crystal to help you stop smoking.

They can be used for specific healing purposes, during Reiki sessions, massages, or facials. Some massage therapists use stones as massage tools. You can use different stones and crystals to relax and calm you, energize you, and to increase your intuition. They can be used for children, or given as gifts to express your love. Stones can be used for pets too. My dog wears a little stone pouch around her neck and sometimes has stones in her water bowl.

Gemstone elixirs can be prepared imbuing the essence of the stone into pure water to deeply affect both your physical body and mental/emotional states. A cleared stone is placed in a glass container and placed in the sun for several hours. The liquid is then used much as a flower essence.

Crystals and gemstones are wonderful gifts to us from Mother Nature and we can enjoy their beauty and use their unique vibrations to help bring us back to a state of harmony and balance.

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Can release old patterns & emotional blockages, improve mental clarity
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