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Combining the Healing Benefits
      of Two Complementary Therapies

Science has proven that every thing that exists is vibration, even apparently solid things like tables, chairs, and trees. Our bodies are vibration, vibrating at a slower rate than some things like sound or light. It is the natural state of our body to be in balance, to vibrate harmoniously, but many things occur to cause of body to be out of balance. Trauma, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, negative emotions, not expressing our emotions, destructive relationships and stress cause disruptions in our energy fields, and lead to physical manifestations of this dis-ease. This results in pain, illness, and many other problems.

Color is a vibration that is very beneficial to restoring balance to the body.

When using color with reflexology, a normal reflexology treatment is carried out first. This acts as a tool for finding out where in the body there is congestion and helps to unblock this congestion, improve circulation, improve nerve function, brings about relaxation and stress relief and helps restore the body's homeostasis. After completing the treatment, color is administered to the reflexes that were found to be painful as well as to the reflexes relating to the client's complaint.

Color is applied through the use of a Reflexology Color Torch. This instrument shines light through stained glass discs into a single-terminated quart crystal. Stained glass is always preferable to gels because it contains the full vibrational spectrum of each color. This enable the client to absorb the exact shade he/she requires. Gels contain only one vibration and it may or may not be what the client needs.

When the torch is switched on, the light filters through and floods the quartz crystal with the required color. This is then administered, followed by its complementary color, for twenty to thirty seconds on the relevant reflex or reflexes. The color gold is allied to the entire sole of the foot at the end of the session to re-energize the whole body.

It is best to use the torch in a darkened room, so as to prevent the dilution of color by daylight. Depending on the client's sensitivity, some are able to feel the color pulsating through their body. Most people are snoring gently by the time I am completing the application of the color blue to their toes.

This therapy is a very powerful complement to the reflexology treatment. It boosts the benefits of the reflexology and is particularly effective in cases of chronic illnesses and in circumstances where ordinary reflexology alone may be too harsh, or the client is too sensitive to the discomfort that traditional reflexology techniques can bring about.

How long? 1¼ hours
How much? $90
Energizes, Improves Circulation & Nerve Function, Boosts Immune System
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