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We have had many successes here at Tranquil Spirit! If you would like to submit one of your own healing experiences, please contact Kathy Schauber at kschauber@hotmail.com.

Reiki Heals Serious Burns
I am one lucky man. On a hot summer night in early June of 2010, I was out on my deck, attempting to light my gas grill, and for some reason it wouldn't ignite. My wife suggested that we put the steaks in the broiler and she went into the house to turn on the oven. I was leaning face down over the propane tank, making the connection, when the tank flashed, just a few seconds after my wife closed the door. The propane tank ignited into a ball of fire and engulfed the area. Four-foot flames were shooting up into the air, and there was a burning pool of flames on the ground.

Jumping back out of the flames, I ran for the garden hose because the tank was still on fire. With the possibility of a huge explosion so close to the house, I had to get the flames out quickly. I sprayed the tank down, disconnected it, and tossed it out into the yard where it would be further from the house, and then pointed the hose at the flames on the deck.

It was then that I realized I was burnt badly and started to hose myself off. My wife took me to Christiana Hospital Emergency Room. The intense heat of my skin was unbearable. Shaking badly, I had to stay inside the house in the air conditioning until the car was cold and then was unable to leave the A/C vents of our vehicle until emergency team could see me without delay. I was transported directly to Chester-Crozier Burn Center, where it was determined that I had suffered second degree burns over 10% of my body: my entire face, both arms, and both hands. Even the tops of my feet were burnt; I had been barefoot and wearing just a tee-shirt when the accident occurred. My eyebrows, eyelashes and nose and ear hair were singed off. Doctors said the only thing that saved my eyes was my drug-store eyeglasses.

The pain was excruciating, and the heavy-duty pain meds did little to ease it. The horrible burns swelled, peeled, and oozed. My arms and hands swelled to twice their normal size. On the second day, the blackened skin began to peel off and the staff began to scrape off the huge blisters that formed. The pain was unlike anything that I had ever experienced.

Read the full story (PDF)


Chronic Eye Problems Are A Thing of the Past!
For over seven years I suffered from an eye condition called ulcerative blepharitis, along with dry eye syndrome. The symptoms appreciably affected my lifestyle. On most days, I could barely watch television due to the pain and tearing which necessitated closing my eyes every few minutes. On one occasion I went to a ball game, and basically had to just sit there with my eyes closed for most of the game.

During that period of time I consulted with my family physician, two optometrists, and four ophthalmologists, and received a multitude of prescription and non-prescription eye medications, as well as eyewashes, etc., all of which either had no effect or just made the condition worse. The last ophthalmologist that I saw told me not to come back and to "just live with it."

I then consulted with Kathy Schauber, who used a combination of Reiki and Reflexology to address the problem. I had been visiting Kathy on a monthly basis for several years for massages.

I am kind of a skeptical person and had no great expectations that either Reiki or Reflexology would work, although I was open to anything at that point in hopes that I could get some relief. After four or five months of treatment, my symptoms gradually disappeared until I reached a point where I now have very few problems. I can only attribute this almost miraculous cure to Kathy's use of Reiki and/or Reflexology.

I continue to see Kathy on a monthly basis for these treatments so as to maintain my current state of health.



Roxie's Story
Roxie is my elderly German Shepherd who is so well known to all of my clients. She is at the studio with me every day. Four years ago, when she was 8 years old, she collapsed during a Reiki class and could not stand up. I took her to a 24 hr veterinary emergency center and she was xray'd and diagnosed with a mass on her spine that was guite possibly cancerous. Her spinal nerves in her sacrum were being compressed and she was also diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia, a condition where her red blood cells would not grow back. Roxie had been loosing control of her bladder for quite some time while she sleeping. I was told that her spinal cord would degenerate from the tail up. Also that bone cancer could cause her spine to break. I spent a lot of money taking her to holistic vets to see if there were anything else that could be done for her. I decided I would not pursue chemotherapy or surgery, or anything invasive. Nothing helped and she was put on Prednisone, Tramadol, iron, and lots of other medications and supplements to keep her comfortable. Homeopathy and accupunture did not help. Reiki didn't seem to being doing too much either. She has received chiropractic care for many years. Several times I thought she was near death. She was so weak, she couldn't bark, couldn't go up steps and couldn't get out the steps to go to the bathroom. At one point I took her to her vet and she said "It's time to put her to sleep." I was shocked and not at all ready to let her go. "Not yet" I said. "Soon, but not yet. Give me a couple more days."

A friend had given me a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water", by Masuri Emoto. He is a scientist who takes microscopic pictures of water crystals forming from water samples all over the world. He discovered that water responds to the spoken word. If one says a positive word to a water sample, it forms a beautiful crystal. If a negative word is spoken, it doesn't form a crystal at all, it looks like a black hole. Dr. Emoto discovered that water also responds to the written word, and you can put a piece of paper with a written word on your water vessel and it will also have the same response. The most beautiful crystal was formed by the words "LOVE and GRATITUDE."

Well, I thought, that our bodies are 70% water. I thought of all the liquids in our bodies, blood, lymph, sweat, tears, saliva, urine, craniosacral fluid, synovial joint fluid, cerebralspinal fluid...and I theorized that positive words would affect all the fluids of the body. Every cell contains water.

So every day I Reiki'd Roxie and bathed her with the words LOVE AND GRATITUDE over and over, as I massaged and stroked her. I placed a pink sticky note on her pyrex water bowl with "LOVE AND GRATITUDE, also placed a pink sticky note on my Brita water filter. As I did Reiki on her food and meds, I repeated over and over, LOVE AND GRATITUDE. Amazingly, the next day, Roxie turned into "Superdog." She started going up stairs, started barking, (and boy does she bark!) She leaped off the retaining wall at my studio. My Roxie is a miracle dog. She will be thirteen in December, and she enjoys life to the fullest. Everyday she walks a mile, chases her frisbee, eats like a champ; she just smiles and smiles all day. She is one happy girl. Her hind end is weak where muscles have atrophied. She doesn't complain about that or the arthritis in her knees. She enjoys every moment. She doesn't worry about tomorrow. She has been such a teacher for me. Oh and guess what? A re-test of her blood shows no signs of the non-regenerative anemia. She has been off all meds and supplements for over a year. She is more alert and happy than she has been in 5 years. I learned so much about the value of love and gratitude. It truly is the stuff that miracles are made of! Everyday I wake up and look at my girl's face smiling up at me and I thank God for another day with her.

Kathy Schauber

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