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Unlock and explore your healing potential through a Reiki or Reflexology class at Tranquil Spirit. DE CEU's are also available for Massage Therapists. Please contact Kathy Schauber at (302) 834-6853 or kschauber@hotmail.com for more information.

Class Next Class Scheduled Cost
Reiki Level I May 20th & 21st, 2023 $225
Reiki Level II TBD 2023 $295
Reiki ART/Master Training TBD 2023 $1,095
Karuna Reiki Master Training TBD 2023 $1,095
Reflexology TBD 2023 $325
Chakra 101 - Basic Energy Anatomy TBD 2023 $50
Chakras: Color, Sound, and the Infinite Spectrum TBD 2023 $50
Chakras: Our Spiritual Bank Accounts TBD 2023 $50

New Classes at Tranquil Spirit
Empower yourself with these valuable life skills!

Chakra 101 - Basic Energy Anatomy
Learn the A B.C.'s of your energy field, how it affects the health of your body, mind, and spirit. We are so much more than our physical bodies. We have a subtle energy system that effects our health, happiness and wellbeing. We will cover the 7 main energy centers, or chakras, the aura, and meridians. Learn the basics of what each chakra does, what it energizes, what happens when it is out of balance, and how we can keep a healthy, balanced, energy field with our chakras bringing in vital life force energy. Learn how to find any out- of- balance energy centers, and different ways to bring them into balance.
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Chakras: Color, Sound, and the Infinite Spectrum
This is a powerful system of healing that can stand alone as a self-balancing technique, used for clients, friends, family; used in conjunction with Reiki or other healing modalities, or as a meditation practice. You will learn how to set sacred space for healing and a bring in sacred intention. Using frequencies of color and sound, each chakra is balanced and energies using a color visualization and an affirmation to be used simultaneously. Experience deep relaxation as the entire energy field is balanced, life issues healed, along with spiritual growth and wellbeing.
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Chakras: Our Spiritual Bank Accounts
Our bodies run on the vital life force and when it is depleted or blocked, we tend to get ill. When it is high and free-flowing, we stay healthy. What you learn in this class will be valuable to understanding why we need to be aware of where we are spending our energies and how we can better manage our spiritual energy resources.
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(DE CEU's for
Massage Therapists)
Reiki Level I
Reiki Level II
ART/Master Level
Karuna Master Training
Reiki Angels
Beginning Meditation
Basic Stretching
Tapping Your Inner Guidance